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Star Wars Follower Theory Describes Boba Fett’s Embarrassing Death

Boba Fett has turned into one of the most prominent personalities in the Star Wars franchise. Regardless of his loved one absence of visibility in the original trilogy, the bounty hunter became a quick follower favorite, with novels comics as well as video games broadening upon his function in the universe. If you have any inquiries concerning wherever and how to use star wars crystals, you can call us at our web-site. Prior to the innovator trilogy waded into his backstory, Boba Fett was an enforcing guy of mystery that might track the Millennium Falcon when even the Imperial Navy couldn’t.

All of that makes his death in Return of the Jedi so silly. He heads out like a chump, star wars crystals knocked into the air by a blinded Han Solo swinging extremely, causing him to trigger his jetpack. That tosses him headfirst into Jabba’s barge, and after that he topples to the ground and also rolls right into the sarlacc pit to be consumed by a literal hole in the ground. Although the Expanded Universe located ways for him to get away, current canon still has him dying on Tatooine.

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