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Kick Off Event – Summer Camp 2016

Kick Off Event – Summer Camp 2016

Our Kick Off Event to close summer camp on 8/25/16 was an all-around success.

The team looked sharp and ready to roll this year under the tutelage of Coach Rondeau and his staff.

Also, the SGC had a very productive meeting attended by 20+ former players as well as Mark Brown (AD) and Drew Brown (AAD).
The discussion centered around the following items:

  • We need to come together as a group and support the program where they need it most and allow them to purchase the proper nutrition (they ran out of money for food in camp this year), equipment and transportation (the team drove almost 3 hours today for the first game due to lack of funds for a stay over).
  • Club member dues and the importance of donating to the program
    • The site already has capabilities for you to sign up and pay dues online or if you prefer send a check. You can do so here:
    • The site has mobile capabilities so you can sign up on your mobile device if you would choose that option.

Member participation:

  • It was unanimous in the message that ALL former players must play their part and help the program rebuild; former teammates will be reaching out personally.
  • Mark Brown has agreed to have the discussion with the administration around the creation of the “Football Founders Award” to be inaugurated at the 2017 Hall of Fame dinner and placed in the Pace HOF.
    • This will recognize the birth and accomplishments of the teams of the late ‘60’s and early ‘70’s that set the foundation for the program
    • The discussion if beginning in 2017 the Homecoming MVP award will then be called the “Football Founders Homecoming MVP Award”. From that point forward and in perpetuity it will remind everyone of the work and dedication of those players that formed the bedrock of Pace Football.
  • The merchandise store will launch the night of the first home game on 9/9. This will allow you to have your SGC gear available for homecoming.
    • IT WILL BE OPEN FOR TWO WEEKS at a time. If we increase sales we can ask to have it open for longer periods.
    • Get your polo shirts, t-shirts, pullovers, hats, etc and support the team.
  • There will be SGC board members available at the first home game on 9/9 with iPads to allow people to sign up for the club.
  • We are looking for a college student fluent in web design to assist in getting all past games, pictures, memories on the site. Payment per hour is negotiable.
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    1. I appreciate you keeping me posted regarding events concerning Pace football.
      I am sorry to say that I will not be able to make either date set aside for the Kick Off Event. I wish Coach Rondeau and the Pace Football Program success in 2016. Again,I appreciate being included in the communications regarding the Setter Gridiron Club and the progress of the program.

      My sincere best wishes,
      Greg Lusardi

    2. Please update as soon as you can on the confirmed date.


    3. I’m in for Terdsay, 8/25

    4. Way to go Krum! I’ll be there as well.

    5. Got the homie DWAYNE ALLEN aka D-Bow rolling with The RunStopper on Thursday!!! Looking fwd to seeing everybody & showing love & support for the Young Setters!!!!

    6. I will be attending as will Jim ” Pudge ” Stewart. He asked me to save a seat for him – how about 2.

    7. Looking forward to seeing all the alumni at the event tomorrow night. This is going to be a big year for the SGC and the football program.

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