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A single mother who posed as a lonely heart on an Islamic dating site to extort money from a Muslim man looking for a wife walked free from court today. Zulaikha Bibi, 21, used a false name and fake promises of marriage to lure the besotted victim into sending her cash plus intimate pictures of himself. The man sent Bibi a total of £6,900 – although she later repaid £1,100. She was handed a 18-month jail sentence suspended for two year. The man eventually became suspicious about Bibi and said no more money was due – but she vowed to expose him and threatened to distribute the explicit pictures to his devout Muslim family. Share Bibi was tracked down and later repaid £1,100. A Manchester Crown Court she pleaded guilty to fraud by false representation and blackmail but escaped with 18 months jail suspended for two years after it emerged she was the primary carer for her three year old daughter.

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Eligible single Christians are everywhere. A 2006 survey on online dating conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Commission gave revealing results. Thirty one percent of American men and women know someone who used a dating website. About 30 million people know another person who got married or has a long-term relationship with someone found online. Dating websites are growing every day and the top Christian dating websites are devoted to finding your partner in the Lord. The Pew survey found that three out of four single internet users looking for a romantic partner have used dating websites, searched for information about potential partners, flirted by email or instant messaging, or checked out the local singles scene. Nearly 37% of single internet users looking for a boy or girl friend have visited dating websites. Online Christian dating is convenient because you can search a database on a 24/7 basis in the convenience of your own home. These services have a very large network and pool of soul mate prospects who are looking for the same things that you are. You can type in search criteria for likes and dislikes, and find new friends quickly and easily. 250 a year, depending the quality and longevity of the site. Online bad breath dating – – can be challenging because of the anonymous connection with an unknown person. You do not meet someone face-to-face, so there can be dishonesty about marriage status, income, education and other personal data. According to the survey, relevant internet site 7 million adults dated people they met online and nearly three million (17%) went on to form long-term relationships. To develop a strong Christian friendship, whether online or using the more traditional ways of dating, should be your ultimate goal. Use both approaches as valuable resources as you seek to discover God’s plan for a marriage partner.

And if something backstage goes missing, Ill blame your filthy Followers. Now get out of my ring so this show can start. Becky looked around at each Follower individually and then with a simple nod of her head, they all began to follow her out of the ring. Balfour held her championship in the air proudly as the fans booed, leaving Nathan to shake his head in the ring at the chaos he had just witnessed. Cole and Romeo had a back and forth match and it was very high paced and uptempo, it was clear that the two men wanted to start the show off with a bang and impress the fans. Cole celebrated his victory and he didnt see Warren Corbett come into the ring. Cole turned around and was blindsided by a brutal spear from Warren. Romeo got up to his feet and tried to help but Warren took him out with the Battle Ax spinebuster. Warren stood over both men with a grin on his face as the fans booed. The scene opens backstage in a dark and quiet room, the sounds of the crowd muffled through insulated black walls. Rebel: Good evening, CWC Liberty Pro fans. Bet you never thought you’d see “The Rebel” Melinda Rhodes grace these halls.

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This was also long before the first sexual harassment lawsuit was filed and decades before sexual harassment found its way into employee handbooks and corporate policy! Worthwhile people value their jobs. Men, especially, while they may not like having to do it, know they need to restrain themselves. It’s like all the gun control laws not doing anything to deter the lawbreakers! My second, and final, observation for the day. Hi theTiGor, I too have witnessed these “transformations” as younger people find themselves in “love” and make rash decisions to the exclusion of the “normalcy” they are in. There is beauty in simplicity, friends! And being direct sometimes helps, too. This morning I heard all about a situation a coworker of mine is getting herself into, and I thought about this hub page while she was telling me about it. I’ll share it here because it gives a good picture of what some of us guys have to face off with in today’s world! My coworker, Alicia, didn’t show up to work for a few days. I’d figured we’d seen the last of her, but for whatever the reason, she was back this morning. I told her that I thought maybe moved on to bigger and better things. Alicia is 23. I wouldn’t call her good looking, really, but definitely ‘okay’ for this late date in my locale.

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