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Homecoming 2016

Homecoming 2016

The Setter Gridiron Club set up a tailgate for SGC members and Football Alum for Homecoming on Saturday, October 8th. It was so great to see so many familiar faces and meet with some fellow alumni for the first time!

Here are some photos of the event:

  1. I will attend homecoming

    Nick DeBellis
    class of 1983

  2. Will attend homecoming

  3. Thanks for the email. I will attend homecoming.

  4. Unfortunately cannot attend

  5. Will not be able to attend homecoming.

  6. I’ll be there!

  7. I’m in! Brining my 2 boys too!

  8. I’ll be there

  9. I’m there

  10. I will attend

  11. Let’s go

  12. I am going!

  13. Table for 1 please

  14. in plus 1

  15. The Juice will be in the HOUSE!!

  16. Will be there

  17. Will attend

  18. I’m in plus 1 and SNAIL!!!!

  19. I’m In Plus 1 and SNAIL Johnson

  20. The RunStopper will be there!!!

  21. Split Ray Bingo 10 check 14!!!!

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