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Executive Board

Your 2016-2017 Executive Board

Please feel free to reach out to one of our Executive Board Members with any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions, where it pertains to their responsibilities.

1. President

Lou Botticelli, ’00


  1. Oversees all aspects of Membership, Events, Communications, and Finance
  2. Acts as the liaison between the Setter Gridiron Club and the University
  3. Preside at all meetings of members of the Booster Club
  4. Compose the agenda for all monthly meetings
  5. See that elections/processes are held in accordance with the By-Laws
  6. Shall appoint any temporary committees to execute club objectives

2. Vice-President, Director of Communications

Brian Griffoul, MPA, ’99, ’03


  1. Oversees all aspects of Website’s development, evolution, and maintenance
  2. Coordinate email, text message, and traditional media channels
  3. Establish and promote the club’s social/mobile pressence
  4. Distribute minutes via email to members shortly after meetings

3. Vice-President, Director of Events

Paul Hart, ’97


  1. Plan and coordinate all of the club’s events throughout the year
  2. Establish and maintain relationships with local restaurants, venues, vendors, etc.
  3. Serve as on-site Event Manager when necessary
  4. Record the minutes of all meetings
  5. Keep attendance at all meetings

4. Vice-President, Director of Membership

Mike Mattone, ’07


  1. Collaborate alumni data and the club’s recruitment efforts
  2. Fields questions from new and existing members
  3. Advise, support, and communicate with all the committees
  4. Facilitates member benefits

5. Treasurer, Director of Finance


Seeking a volunteer(s) to assist in these areas, please email below for more info:

  1. Maintain the booster club checking account and/or investment account
  2. Balance bank statements monthly
  3. Process account payable payments as received
  4. Send billing invoices as needed
  5. Deposit all income generated from various activities
  6. Count all proceeds and make deposits in a timely fashion
  7. Work with Athletic Director to track individual sport “wish list/uniform” requests
  8. Report monthly all income/expense activities to board members
  9. Process calendar year reports for tax preparer.

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